About CROiNX Systems


CROiNX SystemsTM is the creator of the CROiNX (CX) Transaction Settlement Software, a secure triple-encrypted software with multicurrency features based on TriCrypta Technology. It was created for enabling secure, efficient and cost-effective multicurrency settlement of transactions between CX users anywhere in the world.

This makes CX an ideal "digital currency" in a changing global environment where more and more people are moving to safer paperless and cashless transactions. Other digital "monies" like cryptocurrencies have become speculative and highly unstable. They are the plaything of the rich, the speculator and the dreamer - and there is no safety net in place.

Unlike cryptocurrencies, CX is the only secure transaction software that has a buyback guarantee in US Dollars, or any other major world currency. With no daily limits!

Sales of CX can be credited into a bank account in your chosen currency or collected as cash at all Western Union and Money Gram outlets throughout the world.