"CX is the only Transaction Settlement Software (TSS), with Multi Currency features, that can be sold back to its creators in exchange for any currency".

CROiNX (CX) is a TriCrypta Technology based triple-encrypted, transactions settlement and management software developed by CROiNX SYSTEMS (CS). CX software was created for enabling secure, efficient and cost effective multi-currency settlement of transactions between CX users.

With pressure from Governments, businesses are reducing the amount of transactions they are willing to do with cash. The global move towards a cashless society is a real phenomenon that is gaining momentum fast.

The rapid increase in global non cash mobile payments has seen the development of digital payments and receipts that have been pushing physical money (cash) to the brink of obsolescence. The sooner consumers stop using cash, the safer they will be.

Think forged banknotes, carrying around currency notes and coins that carry germs and bacteria, supporting terrorism, laundering drug money and other illegal businesses. For those of us who have nothing to hide, cash is not necessary anymore.

CS has authorized EXIVOS, www.exivosonline.com to manage all CX used for commercial and non-commercial transactions between CX software holders. CROiNX may be leased (often described as a purchase or sale for the convenience of users) from EXIVOS in US Dollars, and in its equivalent, in various other major currencies at the prevailing CROiNX to US Dollar rate quoted by EXIVOS.

For the convenience of managing transactions of varying value, CX may be divided into 100 CROiNETs (cxn) and further into smaller decimal units as needed. CX may be speedily and inexpensively used for the settling of online and real-world transactions be they commercial or noncommercial.

CROiNX enabled transactions may be effected using custom designed CROiNX Applications from desktop computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones and, in the not too distant future, other devices (referred to as the internet of things).

As and when needed duly authenticated CX, held in CX Storage Accounts (CXSA) with EXIVOS may be sold back to Exivos as well. Sales proceeds, in the chosen currency, can be credited into a bank account, or collected as cash at all Western Union and Money Gram outlets throughout the world.

For those of us who have nothing to hide, cash is not necessary anymore.

By avoiding cash, you avoid the risk of forged banknotes, supporting terrorism, helping to launder drug money and other illegal businesses, and the risk of carrying around germs and bacteria on currency notes and coins.