Become An Authorized ICSP
And Earn Extra Income

Set up your own business as an Authorized Independent CROiNX (CX) Service Provider (ICSP) and start earning extra income by developing, supporting and servicing CX users in and around your area.

Even as a college or university student, you could earn a steady income with just your computer, tablet or your smart phone. It's easy to set up your own business as a full time or part time ICSP.

No special qualifications are needed and girls, boys, men and women of any legal age are welcome to apply.

Get Your Own CX Account Now

Get Your Own CX Account

When your application to be an authorized ICSP is approved, you'll receive a Certificate confirming that you are an Authorized ICSP, several sets of CX logos for you to use and a Guide on how to succeed as an ICSP.

The application and approval process is completely FREE.

Please click here to go to our ICSP Service Centers website to learn more about how you can apply to be an authorized ICSP.

ICSPs earn commissions when they help to open new CX accounts for their friends, family members and anyone in their community who can benefit from cashless transactions and zero-fee transfer of funds to anywhere in the world.

ICSPs also earn commisions everytime their clients buy additional CX. CX account holders are eligible to borrow CX in case of family emergency but such application must be supported by their ICSP.